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Our servers work on SSD disks, providing fast speed in the execution of queries and data transfer speed. We also rely on powerful Intel processors supporting HyperThreading linked to a high speed stable network designed to achieve high availability

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Ensuring confidentiality and privacy No one can control what is happening inside your server, since you alone have access to or control everything that happens inside the server.
Good and suitable possibilities for multiple uses: As these servers are characterized by a lot of possibilities that are less than what can be described as the possibilities of miraculous less VPS server has the following possibilities
– Disk space not less than 25 GB
– Memory not less than 520 MB and not more than 32 GB
– Processor: From (Core 2) to (Core 7)
Connection speed not less than 100 MB
– Protect data from loss or damage


This type of hosting is characterized by having a special server characterized by high speed and quick response. You can divide this server into small and medium hosting. You have full control and it is very private. No one can access the settings of this server.


The domain is the name of the site that is written at the top of the browser in the address or adress box and is accompanied by the required extension such as .com .net.org, such as the address of Design Center www.hostdcenter.com. For the domain of your site, and you must make sure that this domain is available for reservation and the domain has not been booked by someone else, because the domain name is reserved for only one person

Our Works

Web Design

Website design in Html, Css, Js and php. It has a responsive feature that works on different screen sizes. The site supports SEO, where it is available in all international search engines.

Information Systems

Management systems such as school, hospital, factory or supermarket management system. The system contains daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, as well as designing a high level archiving system

Mobile Applications

Design and programming applications for mobile phones, Android, iOS and windows phone, where customers meet the system of operations and administrative management through alerts reach you

Custom Programs

Programming any system you need, where this system is compatible with your special requirements and meets all your needs to manage your business through it

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